Refrigeration Mechanics

Employer: Creekstone Farms; 604 Goff Industrial Park Rd. Arkansas City, KS 67005


To set up, adjust, and maintain assigned equipment with responsibility for production and quality on this equipment.


  1. Oversees the maintenance and repair of ammonia compressors, condensers, receivers, evaporators and pumps, water softeners, water pumps, hot water heaters, water filters and reservoirs, compressor turbines and motors, and auxiliary power sub-station and main electric control panel boards.
  2. Also oversees the maintenance and repair of utility equipment such as steam, water, air, and stand-by equipment including temperature controls, thermostats, meters and temperature and pressure recorder.
  3. Responsible for the continuous improvement of preventative and corrective maintenance policies, procedures and reporting system.
  4. Performs HAZMAT team assignments as required and assists in Emergency Response Program and in the evacuation of the Plant when needed.
  5. Follow all rules and regulations of the Process Safety Management program.

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