Maintenance Director

Employer: Alderbrook Village (Oxford Senior Living) 402 East Windsor Road Arkansas City KS 67005

Maintenance Director: This position is responsible for the general maintenance of the Community, including all common areas, resident apartments, grounds, equipment and mechanical systems. This position is responsible for the life safety program of the building, as well, leads by example to ensure the programs and services maximize each resident’s quality of life, identity, abilities and preferences. This position supervises the housekeeping department.

Essential Functions

General Maintenance

Establish and/or follow a schedule to oversee continuous maintenance of all systems such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and other general duties as required to properly operate the Community
Perform a wide variety of building maintenance and mechanical work including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, interior and exterior painting, masonry, drywall repair, small appliance repair, minor equipment repair, and troubleshooting; floor cover cleaning (shampooing, buffing, stripping waxing, etc.)
Establish a process to regularly walk the community to identify areas that need repair or maintenance and follow-up
Follow budget guidelines and procedures for ordering supplies. Assist in developing the annual maintenance budget. Maintain effective inventory and loss control program for the supplies, parts, tools, and equipment

Assure all necessary logs are maintained to track information regarding maintenance of the building and grounds, including, but not limited to: hot water temperature, emergency generator(s), SDS sheets, fire extinguisher(s), fire drills, and emergency call systems
Ensure all company, state, local OSHA or federal health, safety, building, fire and insurance codes or requirements are met or exceeded at all times
Community Leadership

Innovate, plan, promote, and supervise a building and grounds maintenance program that meets or exceeds the minimum of standards of the property and accommodates the broad spectrum of requests, situations, preferences, and physical limitations of the resident population.
Participate (leading when appropriate) in community and resident safety, infection control, new resident and new employee orientation programs.
Supervise the work of third party contractors performing physical plant services including, but not limited to: landscaping, painting, floor covering installation, HVAC, and equipment repairs.
Recruit, train and supervise the housekeeping department.
Provide support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and delegates coverage of duties when unavailable.
Customer Service

Present a professional demeanor that communicates to current and prospective residents, service, goodwill, and genuine interest in their unique needs. Conduct yourself and your business at all time so as not to detract from or reflect adversely on the reputation of the Community. Handle all resident concerns and complaints with finesse and in a caring, polite and professional manner.
Successful Behavioral Attributes at Oxford Senior Living