Employer: USD 470 Arkansas City 2545 Greenway, Arkansas City KS 67005

Opening for: USD 470 (Apply on USD 470 Website)


Position: ESOL SAT


Job Description: Student Assistant Team members work directly with students and teachers in an instructional support capacity.


Qualifications: Must have an associate’s degree or at least 48 hours of college credit or be able to obtain a passing score on a para-educator skills test Must possess strong oral communication skills along with the ability to relate to students with multicultural backgrounds Must possess strong multitasking skills needed to complete various duties as assigned


Duties/Responsibilities: May include participation in all employee training sessions as well as scheduled all-staff meetings. May assist/participate in school site evening functions when necessary. May attend those functions that impact and will be beneficial to USD 470 students and parents. Work closely with the staff of the school team at the school site as needed during tutoring, functions, and employee training. Work closely with the elementary administrator and instructors to ensure that the goals of USD 470 are accomplished. Adhere to all policies and procedures established by USD 470 and the school site assigned.