CMA & CNA & Dining Service Director (Chef)

Employer: Alderbrook Village 402 E Windsor Ct Arkansas City, KS 67005 620-442-4400

CMA – Full time 1st shift

CNA  – Full time and part time 2nd shift and part time 3rd shift

Dining Service Director

(Executive Chef) – Full Time

Position Summary

Residents enjoy three meals a day from a menu you create with influences new and old. This rare opportunity allows you to cook what you know, but also interact with the guests, gather old family recipes, learn their ethnicity, and create relationships. The dining service director is someone with an extensive culinary background, but also the desire and ability to flex your “Front of house” skills. Communication is a large part of this role as you will be managing not only the kitchen, but a small team that works with other departments to ensure the food, service, and dietary needs are being met.


Online Application: Alderbrook Village