Information Systems Analyst – I

Employer: City of Winfield; 200 E. 9th, Winfield KS 67156

Position: Information Systems Analyst – I

To apply: For more details, click this link to go to KS HRePartners and apply online.

The information systems analyst is responsible for the design, development, documentation, maintenance, evaluation, support and problem resolution for the City of Winfield information system applications. This position works closely with the Director of Information Systems, Network Administrator and Information Systems Analyst II to give those positions assistance in fulfilling their respective responsibilities to keep all systems functioning city-wide. This position performs a variety of technical and analytical services for all city departments. Some of the duties of the information systems analyst include installing, configuring and upgrading information system applications, diagnosing and troubleshooting both common and unusual information system problems, applying hotfixes and patches to systems, along with monitoring performance of information system applications. This position is also responsible for the design and implementation of system analysis and reporting to meet end user needs.